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The First Few Days

You have just lost someone very close. Having to cope with the next few days is a frightening thought. Your grief is a mixture of many different emotions. Some will hit you straight away. Others will come later. It may help to have some idea of what to expect. You may experience some of the following during the first few traumatic days of grieving. They are all normal, understandable feelings to have.

Funeral Directors East Devon Initial Disbelief          Refusal to accept death.
Funerals East Devon Shock            

Numbness, even after long-term illness and expected

East Devon Funeral Planning Confusion  Loss of sense of purpose. Poor memory, forgetfulness, unreliability. Distortion of time. It appears endless. Disorientation.
East Devon Undertakers The Need to Cry        

Crying is an important part of healing. You must allow yourself to cry whenever you can.

East Devon Funerals Depression                

Disturbed pattern of sleep. Loss of appetite, inadequate diet or excessive overeating.
Lack of concentration. Extreme fatigue, even exhaustion. A sense of hopelessness. Despair. Thoughts of suicide.

Funerals East Devon Anger     

Towards G.P., hospital, oneself, lost person.

East Devon Funerals Anxiety     Restlessness. Inability to relax.
East Devon Funerals Guilt       

Feeling more could have been done to prevent death. Regret that cross words were spoken. Guilt over things not said or done. Over wanting another relationship. At feeling relief over death, a sense of emancipation. The especially distressing circumstance of suicide produces very acute feelings of guilt and self-recrimination.  


It is impossible to think beyond tomorrow. Try to manage one day at a time. It seems that nothing can be normal again. It takes great courage and hope to believe that this terrible time is the start of a long journey of recovery that occurs gradually over months. The first few days and weeks are the hardest.

There are people around you who want to help. You can contact one yourself or ask a friend or relative to do it for you. Ask Terry, Penny, Paul, or your own G.P.

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