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Grief Journey


Dr. Bill Webster is a very experienced and well-respected bereavement consultant.
Working widely within the funeral profession, his association with trade organisations is, exemplary.
Practically, having suffered personal loss, the experience, feelings and emotions he encountered have led him on a journey, a journey he now calls ‘GriefJourney’.


Speaking widely at seminars and assisting many people with their recognition of emotions too numerous to mention here, he has established and built a reputation for helping others to realise they are not alone, are quite normal but acknowledges the pain that bereavement is. Additionally, he has built a website to enable people to access some of his services without direct contact –like most internet services, this is provided 24 hours daily.

Whilst acknowledging his contribution, due to personal and unique emotions, we suggest that you may find similarities in your present situation and we offer the addresses below as a possible help aid – we
are in no way affiliated to Dr. Bill Webster but, applaud his continuing contribution to the public.

We do have further notes ourselves concerning your feelings and some of the emotions you may experience - we do stop short of promising help as one person’s remedy may be contrary to another’s but, please enquire should you have a need.

Doubtless, there will be publications available from the Centre for Grief Journey whose address and contact details are listed below:


The Centre for the Grief Journey,
9 St. Andrews Crescent,
DD11 5DF

Email addresses:


Website Address/URL/Link:


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