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Low cost funerals Exeter
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A Civil Funeral is a funeral, which is driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not the beliefs and ideology of the person conducting the funeral - minister, officiant or Celebrant.

The ceremony is dignified tribute and a highly person memoir, created by a professional celebrant in consultation with the family. Our carefully selected and recommend Funeral Celebrants work closely with Shoobridge Funeral Services and Paul Shoobridge Funerals Exeter and maintain a high degree of personal involvement with the bereaved family throughout, from the initial meeting through to creating and then leading the ceremony on the day.

You can expect a highly professional service. Our Celebrants do not promote any particular faith or belief system, their only concern is providing a funeral ceremony that our clients wishes.
Celebrant led funerals can contain almost, whatever our client wishes. Parts of the ceremony can be written and delivered by family and friends, or the Celebrant can create and deliver the entire ceremony. The ceremony can contain as much or as little religion as our clients wish and often hymns and prayers are included.

Usually, following our clients initial contact with us, discussions are held and various options are put forward. If a Celebrant ceremony is the preferred choice, we then pass the clients details on to the Celebrant, who will then contact the client directly and arrange a convenient time and location to discuss the specific details for the ceremony on the day of the funeral. Other family and friends may also be contacted for information in order to build a full picture of the person who has died.

The Celebrant will check the content of the ceremony with our client before delivering it at the funeral. They will also provide our clients with a full, personalised copy of the ceremony following the funeral service.

We work closely with the Funeral Celebrant to encourage a partnership that involves everyone and ensures that everything runs smoothly, in the days leading up to and the day of the funeral itself.

Advance Funeral Planning
Our Funeral Celebrants offer an 'advance funeral ceremony planning' service. Often, but not always, we are contacted by a client that is terminally ill and wants to create their own funeral ceremony in advance. A full ceremony is constructed in agreement with the client, which they keep safely until such time as it is needed.

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