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Sue Hopper, Celebrant Funeral Planner

… creating a heartfelt ceremony which uniquely reflects your loved one's life …

An 'end of life' gives one the time to recall the person's gift and achievements and remember all the time and love shared. Everybody has a story to tell; I will spend time with the family and then weave a ceremony together which will reflect the life lived.

I respect all beliefs and values and will create a ceremony led by the family's wishes, either secular or spiritual. I will conduct a ceremony with or without religious reference as there are many people who, though not affiliated to a faith, still would like an element of spirituality.

I will create a ceremony which:

  • Remembers your loved one with gratitude and respect
  • Honours and celebrates a unique life lived
  • Makes a beautiful, sensitive and memorable ceremony through heartfelt words and music
  • Gives time to mourn your loss

I am here to gently advise, guide and support the family through this very difficult, emotional time, bringing everything together in order to give their loved one an appropriate, beautiful farewell which mirrors their life.

The days following the loss of a loved one are confusing and deeply emotional, making it difficult to make decisions, and the thought of having to put together a funeral ceremony, completely overwhelming. Families want to do the best for their loved one but don't always know how to go about it.

I am aware that although many people are not affiliated to a faith, or have strong religious beliefs, they would still like some religious or spiritual content in the ceremony. With this in mind, I would create a unique ceremony around the beliefs, values and wishes of the deceased and his/her family, to happily include hymns, prayers and blessings, or not. Vibrant and relevant ceremonies, wherever they are held, manage to integrate both traditional and new, religious or secular. It is not about choosing between them, or replacing one with the other, but finding a place where they can unite.

Having lost close family members myself, at an early age, I am able to empathise with grieving families and have a sensitive and warm approach. Over the years, I had attended too many funerals which were impersonal and irrelevant that I became passionate about helping others to create a final farewell which is meaningful, entirely appropriate and beautiful and which leaves the family with a good, positive memory, despite deep sadness.

Four years ago, I trained as a celebrant and have since helped many families to create a heartfelt farewell. I am a calm, friendly person with a wealth of valuable experience behind me, giving me, I believe, the necessary skills to undertake this privileged position.

For more information, please contact Paul or Penny in the first instance.

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"Sue, creating a heartfelt ceremony which uniquely reflects your loved one's life."
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