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Trudi Farmer
The journey of planning and preparing a funeral is different for each of us and can be a painful and challenging one, especially because it comes alongside a whole series of other practical and emotional demands.

It can also be something we have never had to do before.

Having time to catch our breath and reflect a little on what is possible and what feels most appropriate can prove important and can help us to feel afterwards that we have truly honoured a unique life lived.

It is also my experience that by allowing ourselves this time to reflect a little on the life of our loved one and how that can best be marked we can find unexpected and lasting comfort.

As an interfaith celebrant I am committed to supporting, and helping families in doing just that......drawing breath and exploring what might feel right for them.

Choices may include the traditionally religious, the contemporary, the spiritual and the secular. They might prove to be a combination of all four.

Each family's needs will be different. For some, being gently directed through the entire process may feel like a weight lifted. I am always happy to help with the choosing of music, whether live or recorded, sourcing any readings, poetry or words that might feel appropriate and assist with the writing of any tributes the family might wish to include.

I can, if requested, then weave these together into a completed ceremony for the family to read and approve before presenting it on the day itself.

For other families it may feel more helpful for me to be in more of a supportive and advisory role. Often family members and friends have their own very personal ideas and are keen to step forward and contribute, or even write and lead the process, themselves.

I am also very happy to explore with families the richly varied alternatives to the more traditional ceremony now becoming available as our approach to funerals changes.

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"Trudi, Interfaith Celebrant."
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