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How Can You Help?

How Can You As A Parent, Teacher Or Friend Help A Grieving Child?

Funeral Services Exeter Reassure them that they are still loved and will be taken care of.
Funeral Directors Exeter Maintain as much stability, security and order in their lives as possible.
Exeter Funeral Director Answer their questions honestly and in a way which they can understand. You may have to do this repeatedly.
Exeter Funeral Services Talk with them about the dead person whenever they wish to do so.
Exeter Funeral Planning Allow them to share in making decisions about their own role in attending the funeral, visiting the Chapel Of Rest and  visiting the grave or Garden Of Remembrance. Prepare them in advance for what they will see.
Funeral Planning Exeter Be certain that they are receiving attention, love and care – they need time to be with their parents as well as other caring adults.
Funeral Directors Exeter Encourage them to share their feelings with you and help them to understand and to express their feelings appropriately.
Exeter Funeral Planning Share grief with them. Allow them to comfort you when they wish to do so. Don’t hide your tears from them – they need to know that crying is an appropriate and acceptable reaction.

Remember that children need the attention, support and help of a sensitive, caring adult. At times, this may need to be someone other than a grieving parent.

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