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Low cost funerals Exeter
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   Q. What happens once I've bought my plan?
Golden Charter will send you a membership pack with all of the information about your plan, as well as a membership card. Once your plan is fully paid, you will receive a certificate along with a with a copy to give to your next of kin. If you have chosen to pay by fixed monthly payments, your certificates will be sent after 2 years' continuous payments.
    Q. What if I have special request for my funeral?
You can tell us about any special wishes for your funeral when you apply. If these involve extra costs, you may be able to add to these on to the total cost of your plan (except where you choose to pay by fixed monthly payments)
   Q. Can I transfer my plan to someone else
Yes, your plan can be transferred and used for the funeral of a spouse or other family member if they die before you. (This option is not available if you pay by fixed monthly payments.) There would be extra costs if the funeral arrangements differ from what's specified in the plans, for example, burial instead of cremation, an additional limousine or different location.
    Q. What happens if the funeral director goes out of business?
If that happens, Golden Charter will contact you to discuss options fo9r a new funeral director.
    Q. What happens when I die?
Just one phone call and its all taken care of. Your membership pack contains the contact details for your funeral director. When the time comes your family simply contacts the funeral director and quotes your plan number. The funeral director will then take care of all arrangements.
    Q. Can I take out a plan for someone else
Yes, just complete the plan holder's representative section on the application form, and we'll arrange for all correspondence to be sent to you. If paying by fixed monthly payments, please note the plan holder will be contacted directly by life assurance company which provides this payments option.
    Q. What if I die in another country
If you intend to travel overseas, we recommend that your travel or medical insurance policy includes cover for repatriation costs back to the U.K. Your funeral plan covers the cost of transportation of the body from the relevant U.K airport or port to the funerals director's premises.
    Q. What if I move to a different size
Please let us know you are moving so we can update records. You will have the option to move your plan to a different funeral director, if required. You can call Golden Charter on 0800 833 800.
    Q. What happens if I die before I've made all the payments
This will depend on the type of payment method you have chosen. Please refer to the separate payment information Sheet and Key Features Document for more information.
    Q. Why would I have a Will?
A Will allows you to make your wishes clear and means your loved once can inherit more quickly, potentially avoiding any disputes.
    Q. How do I complete my Will instruction
Golden Charter will contact you about arranging your Will Instruction within eight weeks. Once your Will Instruction within eight weeks. Once your Will Instruction has been received, their specialist Will writers will complete the first draft of your Will and send it to you for checking within 10 days.
    Q. Can you arrange a Will for my spouse/partner?
Yes, Golden Charter can provide a Mirror Will for your spouse or partner at no extra cost.
    Q. What if I already have a Will?
You can use your Golden Charter Will as an opportunity to update your existing Will with a new one. Alternatively, you might consider gifting it to a family member or friend.
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