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Low Cost Funerals Exeter
Low cost funerals Exeter
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Exeter Funeral Directors
Humanist Funerals
A funeral ceremony is an important time when family and friends will be focusing their thoughts on the person who has died.
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Exeter Funeral Directors
What might others think?
Above all, the type of ceremony you choose must be right and appropriate for the person who has died and for the close family.
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Exeter Funeral Directors
Some practical points
Take a look at our guide to practical funeral tips. From arranging a humanist funeral ceremony to advice on non religious funerals and help making the decisions.
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Funeral Directors Exeter
The Ceremony
Once you have arranged to have a humanist ceremony, your officiant will wish to speak with you and possibly others closely affected by the death.
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Funeral Directors Exeter
How to contact a BHA officiant
Usually the funeral director will contact an officiant for you but you are welcome to make your own enquiries directly to the BHA, raising any questions you may have about non-religious ceremony.
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Funeral Directors in Exeter
Saying Goodbye
Saying goodbye to a loved one is an extremely difficult thing to do. Facing permanent separation is often made easier by saying goodbye before the person dies, however this isn’t always possible.
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Funeral Directors Exeter
Burials and Cremations
Nowadays there are many service options available, including eco-friendly ceremonies (for example: green funerals, woodland burials and cardboard coffins) and varying burials and cremations.
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Exeter Funeral Services
After the Funeral
As we take care of many funeral services every year in Exeter and the surrounding areas of Devon, we see the grieving process first hand.
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Funeral Services Exeter
Care and Advice
We are an independent family funeral business working throughout Exeter and the surrounding areas of Devon. We are specialists in personal and effective care for everyone involved.
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Low cost funerals Exeter
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