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Information you will need to provide
The registrar will talk to you in private about the person who has died.
You will need to know the following information:
 the date and place of death of the deceased
 the full name and surname – also maiden name if the deceased was a married woman.
 the date and place of birth of the deceased
 the occupation, if the deceased was a married woman or widow, the full name and occupation of her husband.
 the usual address or residence of the deceased
 if the deceased was married, the date of birth of the surviving widow or widower.
 whether the deceased was receiving a pension or allowance/benefit from public funds other than a state.

Additionally, the registrar will give you a Green Form (Certificate for Burial or Cremation,) which allows the body to be released for the funeral and a white form (Certificate of Registration of Death) which is for the Department of Work and Pensions formerly the DSS (Job Centre Plus can deal with this to a degree as it terminates further government pension payments – this form is free-of-charge). You need to give the Green Form to your funeral director as soon as possible.

If the coroner has been informed you will be advised what to do by the coroner's office or your chosen funeral director.

For the majority of people who die, a post-mortem is not necessary because there is usually sufficient information regarding the cause of death of the deceased. For patients who have died suddenly or those with a possible occupational illness, a post-mortem will be necessary. (Also known as 'autopsy').

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