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The Cemetry Burial Service
Fully Inclusive of All Necessary Charges
We at Paul Shoobridge Funeral Services pride ourselves on our integrity and our honest and transparent approach to pricing.
Due to the range of choices available, determining the overall cost of a funeral can be difficult. Many funeral providers indicate a cost with the term, "PLUS disbursements."

Disbursements are monies paid by the funeral director to third parties on behalf of the customer. These include, where applicable, payments to doctors, ministers, funeral celebrants, cemeteries and crematoria for example.

Paul Shoobridge Funeral Services have designed five complete, fully inclusive funeral service packages incorporating the necessary items and their associated costs in order to undertake a complete funeral.
Personalising the Funeral Service:
Additional proceedings either before or after the funeral such as, a service in church, funeral notices placed in local or national newspapers, obituaries, floral tributes, printed 'Orders of Service,' or an alternative coffin selection are some of the options you may wish to consider (may incur extra charges).
Included in Every Funeral Service:
Home visits for discussing funeral arrangements, if required;
Sanitization of the deceased and preparation for Chapel of Rest visits;
Provision of a suitable garment or gown if personal clothing is not provided;
Facilitating Chapel of Rest visits during office hours;
Option to compile and place funeral notices such as obituaries, acknowledgements and attendance 'Thanks,' in local and national newspapers;
Liaising with florists and arranging family floral tributes;
Administration of all charity donations in lieu of flowers;
Additional items, not included, that you may wish to consider are, the provision of:
  • Limousines for the transportation of the immediate family and friends
  • Printed Orders of Service including family photograph insertions
  • Printed Canvasses - photo based depiction for memory or keepsake purposes
  • Catering at a chosen venue
Cemeteries in England and Wales have different local and national rules. Some variables exist regarding allowable 'memorial' monuments within these cemeteries and some cemeteries have designated areas for different religions or denominations – your funeral director will advise you accordingly. In addition, the placement of grave memorials is not usually allowed for six months although the memorial can be ordered in readiness. Shoobridge Funeral Services will be happy to help you regarding all local memorial matters.
The Details - What You Will Receive
  • All items and services listed above
  • The services of the funeral director in arranging the funeral;
    Assistance with the completion of all necessary paperwork and documentation; liaising with third parties and statutory bodies such as: doctors; hospital administrators; medical staff and local authorities
  • Paying all necessary fees and expenses, in advance, on behalf of the client
    (These include some or all of the following fees when the funeral service is held in a church locally: church, organist, verger)
  • Interment fees – Single Plot/Adult Grave
    (see 'Exclusive Rights' and 'Grant to Erect a Memorial' notes below)
  • Gravedigger, grave preparation fees and supply of a grave marker (for identification purposes)
  • The conveyance/transportation of the deceased into our care from the place of death, locally
  • Practical, respectful and dignified care of the deceased
  • The provision of a traditional, oak veneered burial coffin, fully fitted, lined and upholstered including an engraved nameplate (alternative options / selections are available)
  • Conveyance of the deceased by hearse to the chosen, local funeral service venue and onto the cemetery for the interment on the same day
  • The services of the funeral director and necessary staff to effect the funeral on the day
  • The choice of day and time for the funeral service (subject to availability) followed by burial at Higher Cemetery, Exwick Cemetery or Topsham Cemetery. (Others cemeteries within Devon, Somerset, Dorset or nationally may attract additional travelling cost and non-residential surcharges)
  • Monumental Mason fees for removal of existing memorials (if applicable)
  • A church minister, funeral celebrant, officiant or a member of the British Humanist Association, will visit the family prior to the funeral, prepare a tribute and lead the funeral service on the day
N.B Exclusive Rights and Grant to Erect a Memorial
'The Cemetery Burial Service' does NOT include fees or charges for the Exclusive Right of Burial or, the Grant to Erect a Memorial.
If you wish to place a memorial on the grave, you will need to purchase both the Exclusive Right of Burial and the Grant to Erect a Memorial from the local authority. Dependent on locality and residency, prices may vary considerably - please contact Shoobridge Funeral Services for more information.
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